Ghost Rider  (60" x 48") --SOLD  [Description]

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Photo Attributions: Horses (two photos combined): Wendy Paige and Kersti Nebelseik "Jumper and Brandie Holloway"; Hummingbird: Andrew Michael Meador "Immature Red-Billed Streamertail (aka Doctor Bird)"


  Travel Lightly  (28" x 52")  

I photographed the landscape, many of the objects, and stones in this collage in Israel. This collage is for sale. It needs to be reframed before I officially list it. If you are interested, please contact me. 

Desert Water  (28" x 52") --SOLD

Desert Water features photographs that I took in Israel near the coast of the Sea of Galilee, a waterwheel that was photographed on the east coast, and a spinning wheel that I photographed in Shelby County, Indiana. 


The Quilt  (28" x 52") --SOLD 

I photographed the camel and landscape featured in this collage in Israel. I photographed the quilt in Shelby County, Indiana. It reminds me of a quilt that my grandmother made for me. 

Hidden Prayer (39" x 60") --SOLD

I created Hidden Prayer after a trip with my father to Israel. While visiting the 'Western Wall' or 'Wailing Wall' in Israel I was distracted by a white dove that was resting in a crevice above many of the people who were praying. I was able to photograph the dove from a distance and wrote my own prayer a few weeks after I returned home. I rolled and tied my written prayer, photographed it, and placed the image in the collage. I photographed the pier and dock at Dale Hollow Lake in Kentucky. 

Healing Wings (39" x 60") --SOLD 

I started Healing Wings after finding a monarch butterfly near the back door of the office where I work. I used to pick up butterflies along the country roadside when I lived out on a farm in Shelby County, Indiana. During that time, I created a collage for my grandmother when she was sick using the wings that I had found. The collage focused on the biblical verse, "...But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap." Malachi 4:2. In many respects, I was still thinking about that verse and the idea of 'on earth as it is on heaven' that is stated in the Lord's Prayer as I created this collage. It took me nine months to complete.

Most of the photographs that I used in the collage were taken in Israel and on Dale Hollow Lake in Kentucky. I scanned the actual wings of the butterfly into the computer and enlarged them. I initially used the heavy black frames that are in the design of the wings as framework for stained glass windows. The inside of the wings were many colors before I settled on a night-time scene. 

Kindling  (36" x 60") --SOLD

Kindling was inspired by the idea of God's glory and how it is spread. I snuck (with permission!) into my grandmother's farmhouse one afternoon and photographed several patterns and objects inside. These images from her home along with a lamb that a friend photographed are featured in the collage. 


Psalm (52" x 28.25") --SOLD