Psalm is the first collage that I created on canvas. All of the images that I used were found images. I wrote this soon after I finished it in 2012.

Praise You, Father
That peace flows from your waters
That You seat us in your presence
On high in your comfort
Wrapped in your vines
With the strength of the cypress
Under the testimonies of saints
Between the gifts and fruits of Your Spirit
You’ve proclaimed freedom over my head
Broken chains in Your son’s name
You’ve called me beautiful and beloved
Shown me I have wings to fly
You’ve shown me that Your shield is bigger than any dark helmets
Any heavy anchor
You’ve taken me out to sea
Shown me Your lighthouse
Your joy, Your gentleness
You’ve backed me to climb
When I can’t see
You’ve taught me to dream of your cities
Your heaven. Your gold.
You’ve taken me to castles
Flown me to distant shores
You’ve awakened my dreams with jewels
Your eyes are diamonds, Father
The root of our strength
Each day, You reveal new facets
You shine and cut us with revelation
You are our chariot, Father
Our weathervane
To carry Your son’s name
To communicate Your goodness, Your faithfulness
To all nations
With color, with authority
With purity and power
I am Your’s, Father
Continue to awaken my soul.