Josh Garrels had asked for hi-res digital artwork of the collage that I did based on his song, "Ulysses," in my sketchbook, but I felt cheap giving him a replica, so I made a small card for him. I had no plans to share it publicly. I took rough photos and shipped it quickly in hope that it would arrive around his birthday, but recently, I have felt more led to post about it.

When I first started working with lyrics from his song a few months ago (see "Ulysses"), I got three images when I was worshiping and praying one night with a group: a spinning wheel, a ship, and a lamb. This generally doesn't happen to me, but I couldn't get the three images out of my mind. I wasn't quite able to pull them together in the first collage that I did based on his song, but when I started this recent collage, I was brought back to them and had a dream about a spinning wheel. The only thing that I can remember from the dream is a foot pressing the pedal and working the wool. 

By this point, I had chosen to work with his lyrics, "by the light of moon, I will press on," because I knew his family had been touring and I wanted them to have a reminder to keep going, but I still felt unsure (if not a little crazy?) about how the images tied into it. Eventually, I felt like I was simply being shown that the lamb's wool was here for us - that Jesus is here for us. That we can draw from His power and turn it into cloth for ourselves and others.